We have developed, for you as our guests, several tours that you can make, either by Motorbike or car, the tours are available for free, on Tom Tom, Garmin or A4.

Some of our detailed day-trips are:

  1. Route de Gorges du Verdon 150 km
  2. Route des grandes Alpes Col de la Bonette (2860 m) Barcelonette, Col d’Allos (2247 m) 240 km
  3. Route des grandes Alpes Col de Cayolle (2326 m) Barcelonette, Col d’Allos (2247 m) 200 km
  4. Big Alpes Tour, Mont Ventoux  385 km
  5. Route de cote d’Azur 180 km
  6. Route de gorges de Daluis en Gorges de Cians
  7. Route de Gourdon en St. Paul de Vence
  8. Route de Tour Tour
  9. Auban, Entreveaux, Daluis, Cian, Montblanc 189 km
  10. David Beckhamrit
  11. Brad Pittrit 238 km
  12. Col de buis, Col de Félines, Montblanc, Col St. Michel. 163 km
  13. Col defend, col de champs, Col de St. Michel 215 km
  14. Comps, Mons, St. Auban 135 km
  15. Cotignac 217km
  16. Gilette, Clans 239 km
  17. Gorges, Aix en Provence, Gorges 296 km
  18. Levens.Roquebiliere 256 km
  19. Vallier, St. Cesair, Mons 154 km
  20. Lesarcs, Lamotte 155 km
  21. N202Monaco, Cabris. 287 km
  22. Forqualgier, Oraison, Gorges 211 km
  23. Lavendelroute 165 km
  24. Dwegenzuid, Gillete, .Dwegennoord
  25. St. Martin, Roquebillierecarrs 265 km
  26. Gorgesverdon, Bauduen 162 km
  27. Corobin, Serreponcon.N82 290 km
  28. N202, D26, Gilette, Auban 193 km
  29. Andon, Coursegoules, Aiglun 157 km
  30. Ampus, Arcs, Callian, Mons 170 km
  31. Peyroulles, Chateauvieuz, Trigance 69 km
  32. Grimaud, St. Tropez, Plandelatour 254 km
  33. GorgesN, Cotignac, Abbayethoronet, Laccarces, GorgesZ 243 km
  34. Col de Corobin, Moustiers 128 km
  35. Mont Ventoux 346 km
  36. GorgesN, Aups, Brignoles, Tourtour 226 km
  37. Col Dallos, Col Maddalena, Col  Lombardo 318 km
  38. Bargemon, Fayence, St. Paul Foret, Mons 147 km
  39. Auban, Daluis, Champs 167 km
  40.  Auban, Entreveaux, Daluis, Cian, Montblanc 189 km
  41. Bedouin, St, Laurent, Quinson, Trigance 199 km
  42. Gourdon, St. Paul de Vence  176 km

Of course we have more, you can stay 14 days with us, for every day we have a different plan, we’ll gladly help you.

The Gorges du Verdon tour (150 km)

This tour leads you to the best known tourist attraction of France, the gorges du Verdon, better known as the Grand Canyon of France.We leave at 09.00 hours from Castellane and
will take the rive gauche (southern route) of the gorges. We will stop regularly to make photographs and to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains, the depths and ravines.  At the lac the st. Croix will are going to relax, we will have our lunch here and if you want you can cool down in the magnificent deep blue water we have the possibility to explore the gorges with a water bicycle or canoe.After lunch and bathing we will continue our route by taking the rive droite (northern route) and we will take the world-famous route des Crêtes at la Palud with many curves and a height difference of 700 meters.  With a little bit of luck you will see the freeliving eagles. At appr. 18.00 hours we will beback in our Mas where
we will enjoy a lovelybarbecue or dinner, served by our Melanie.

The Hautes Alpes (1) tour (240 km)

This tour is one of our most beautiful tours and leads you  to the highest col of Europe,2 cols have been added to our program thatwill undoubtedly make an unforgettable impression on you, nowhere you will find so many curves  as on this tour, so you canwork on your driving-techniques or enjoy everything around you.  We leave at 09.00 hours from Castellane and drive in the direction of the col de la Cayolle (see also the hautes  Alp (2) tour).  We will stop at the gorges the Daluis, this landscape is a little bit Marsian, many tunnels in the mountains, views and especially the red stones are impressive.  fter Guillaume we will climb the col Collet after which we arrive in Valberg,a known winter sport place. Here we willenjoy a cup of tea or coffee and then we will descend the col the Roubion to the foot of the col de la Bonette. This col is in total 2715 meter high and is the highestcol of Europe. The total length of the col ismore than 40 km.!!!, not only curves by theway but also straight roads where we can speed up.We descend to the village Barcelonette, also a well-known winter sport place, here we have a lunch and prepare the next mountain.  After the lunch, we continue our way to the col d’ Allos  of 2240 meters. This spectacular col ends in Allos, thé winter sport place inthe south of France next to Isola 2000. Thecol has a total length of appr. 30 km. Through Colmars, St Andre les Alpes and the lac the Castillon we will return approximately at 18.00 hours where we will use a aperitif and diner to strengthen up for the next  tour.

The Hautes Alpes (2) tour (200 km)

This tour leads you through a large part of the parc du Mercantour, one of the largest national parks of France that extends from the south side of the Alps untill far in Italy. We begin our tour at 9.00 hour and drive into the valley of the Var, at the beginning of the valley we will visit the gorges the Daluis (see hautes alp 1 tour).  After the necessary photographs we have to make we will cross the bridge pont des marries and we will tell the special story about it. Then we will hit the road in the direction of the col de la Cayolle. This col of 2327m. is still very original, there has been little changes in the course of the centuries, untouched nature and beautiful views. In the tiny village Estenc wewill have a cup of tea or coffee after which the real work will begin, the ascent of the col.  The total length of the col will be appr. 40 km. and ends in Barcelonette. There wewill use a lovely lunch and talk about our experiences of that day and then we will attack the col d’ Allos (see also tour1). If there is still enough time left we will visit the place Colmars, a very ancient, complete walled city that after Italian domination became French and is still completely intact and authentic. Through st. Andre and the lac the Castillonwe will arrive at appr. 18.00 hours to prepare for a beautiful evening with a perfect diner.

The Big Alpes tour (385 km)

This tour starts early, at 08.00 hours inthe morning we step on our loaded iron horses and hit the road in the direction of the mont Ventoux. The roads wind through a very varied landscape, rough and invincible mountains and sweet fields of lavender a big contrast. The roads wind through a very varied landscape, rough and invincible mountains and sweet fields of lavendera big contrast. Just before the ancient citadel of Sisteron we are going to climb the Col de la Graille (1597 m), a mountain loaded with delightfully fragrant oak-wood and unbelievable many curves. The roads are excellent and very well-organized, we can speed up on some roads because they are broad and there is almost no traffic, you can enjoy everything around you, beautiful little villages with old marketplaces where time stood still. At the foot of the Mont Ventoux (776 m) we will have a lunch and after that we begin with the climb of the mont  Ventoux (1909 m), You will need some additional clothing because there is always a cold wind on top the mountain. This mountain is not onlyunique and just doesn’t fit in the total of the landscap.  It is like a moon landscape and it will climb from 3-9 %, it is amazing that professional cyclists climb this mountain in an enormous tempo, some of them didn’t make it. For that reason we will hold still at the monument of Tommy Simpson who died in 1967 on this slope from exhaustion. When the weather is clear we can see the summit of the Mont Blanc, hundred of kilometres far away. After a short break we descend the same way we came in the direction Sault and Forcalquier. We cross the valley of the Hautes Provence and return to our house where we are going to have a fantastic evening together with all the stories to tell.

The Cote D’ Azur tour (180 km)

This tour is organized for the ones that like to drive motorbike combined with relaxing in one day. That’s possible if you join us on this tour!!.We leave at 09.00 hours drive through a landscape of ravines, gorges and narrow roadsin the direction of Draguignan in the province the Var. From Draguignan we take the road to the coast to st. Maxime/ st. Tropez where we park our motorbikes nearby the beach. Towels, sunburn crème and lie down in the hot summer sun and get a tan. The view is fantastic, for the men: beautiful French girls walking around to be seen for the girls: lots of macho French letting themselves beingphotographed in every exposure you want.  After our lunch at the beach and sufficient vitamins taken from the sunbath we will have to leave on time in the direction Plan de la Tour, a ride through a bizarre landscape in the direction of Salernes, you will find many chateaux of the rosé in this region, a little bit of the gorges du Verdon back to Castellane where we arrive at appr. 18.00 hours.A well-earned shower and then …….a lovely dinner.